Krampus Movie Review


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I am a huge horror movie fan. I really love going to the movies. I love the movies from the 50-90’s horror movies. I am not a torture movie fan. That means I love movies like House of Wax over films like Hostel and any of the Saw’s after 2. I can’t stand to watch movies where all they do is torture a person.

I had no idea what to think going into Krampus other then it was a Christmas horror movie. I really wanted to see it after seeing Krampus at SDCC, at the WETA booth. He looked so cool, so I had been waiting for it to come out.

Now I thought the movie was fun. It was scary and suspensful without having to show us the gore. It reminded me of Gremlins or Ghoulies rather then the horror movies of today. The film was funny and scary. There was a lot of fun scenes with the monsters in the films.

The funnest part of the film was not knowing where the story was going. I really enjoyed watching it.

I am going to add Krampus to my Christmas Horror Film List for years to come.

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