Penny Dreadful


I finally started watching Penny dreadful today. Why did no one tell me how great the show is? I am loving Eva green. Josh Hartnett’s character is so much fun. Each introduction of classic horror characters is a blast. I love what they’re doing with each of the different storylines.

The show starts off with Eva Green’s character as a little girl, her mother is snatched in the night by something creepy. We go to present-day Eva Green’s life and she is in search of a man to help her with killing some pretty nasty creatures. With each introduction of characters you never know if they’re going to be an artist’s creation or if they are straight from horror books of the past. Every time a character gets introduced I get very excited trying to guess who that character is going to be. I am only three episodes in but I can’t wait to finish it off.



Now that I have watched 9 episodes. I can say the show has gotten more interesting and definitely weirder. So far we have Victor Frankenstien, Dorian Gray, Van Helsing and more all who are intertwined while they search for Mina. I like that it takes so many stories that we know so well and adds them all together in a delightfully wicked way.

If you like victorian style shows and the macabre give this show a chance. I know that I am going to binge watch it until I am caught up.