LA Sweets Con a Convention in Review


photo 5Last weekend I went to the LA Sweets Con with my BFF. I really have a sweet tooth. I knew that it would be small so I only got tickets for one day. I am super glad I did because we stayed for about an hour.

Most of the vendors were gluten free, dairy free, vegan cookies and treats. This means for me I couldn’t taste half the items that were being offered because it meant they used soy in their products and I am allergic. I also hate coconut and if a brand is vegan and gluten free, then they probably use coconut as a base in their cookies. This bummed me out a lot. I figured there would be some, but it was more then there were of regular cookies.

We did buy some Jerky and some jams. I also saw Sarah Michelle Gellar and tasted two great cookie companies. One was a dough you bake yourself called Jen and Joe’s Cookie Dough. They had a peppermint bark that was sooo delicious. I hope they bring it to stores because I would buy all of it. There was also another store that maybe strawberry lemonade cookies that were so 3

So for me the cookie con was a bust but that doesn’t mean a lot of people didn’t enjoy it.