PAX South A Con in Review


I know that PAX South has come and passed and I didn’t write about it when I got home. I got con crud and was down for the count.

I got to San Antonio on Thursday before the convention. So I had an entire day to walk around San Antonio before the actual convention started. Next to the convention center there was a mall nearby. I got a chance to buy some sunglasses because I left mine at home and walked over to Gamestop and Hot Topic and bought new toys. I got a couple of the Arkham Minis from Gamestop, I got the Gamestop Joker but no Mister Freeze ( don’t worry I got him when I got home.) I also bought the Robot Gir, and one for my friend. I also bought a Stormtrooper hair brush. Then I ate some chinese food and went back to my hotel. Later that night I walked through what I call the apocalypse and didn’t die.

I got in the line in the morning. I was excited since it was my first convention in Texas. There was a huge line of people excited to get into the convention. As soon as the convention opened up they let us into the main hall. It was crazy seeing how quickly that the PAX store filled up instantly. I didn’t buy anything from the PAX store because I had no interest in spending half my day in line. I walked around the floor. I didn’t know what to expect. There were a lot of indie games and a lot of board games. I really love board games so I was over 2 (2)

I really liked walking around and playing the games. I got to play quite a few different games and watched people play a lot of other games. It was so much fun. When I got there at first I had a mini panic attack because I had flown in alone and was very worried about being by myself for the convention. I did walk the floor alone a lot but it gave me the chance to talk to more people and learn more about the games on the floor. The rest of the weekend was full of my closest friends and hanging out with new and awesome cosplayers.

I am going to talk more in depth about my favorite games but I will say Dreadnought really took the show for me. I also really liked Zomburbs the board game. I also love the 8-bit NES game that was created for the actual NES. I fell in love with Stir Fry 18. There were so many cool things to see.

I got some very neat shirts, pins, and games to play with when I got home. I bought a couple of games and really loved seeing all the new things coming 2