Fallout Shelter App


Now I really enjoy playing the Fallout Shelter app but lately it feels like all it does is crash. I can’t even log in to the game half the time and the rest of the time if I try to build or rush a room then it crashes.image

i really enjoy the building aspect of the game. I like making sure my people are happy and in the right rooms. I like that they added animals to the game, I don’t like that they are hard to come by unless you purchase them. image

I like that there is so many weapons and outfits that you can collect and there is daily quests you can complete for caps and other things. The game is free but you can purchase lunchboxes which contain items, Mr Handys who collect your resources for you and animals who help make your people happy.

Overall if the game ran better and didn’t crash basically all the time this would definitely be one of my favorite apps to play on my iPad to kill time