Oscars 2016


imageTonight was the 88th annual Academy Awards. There were lots of talented people and great movies up for awards.
I was really excited to see Mad Max Fury Road was up for so many awards. I really enjoyed it. I thought it was a fun movie and last year at SDCC I was even part of a cosplay group.
Mad Max won 6 awards tonight , costumes, makeup, sound mixing and editting. Some people felt like Cinderella should have won costumes but I think there was a lot of time put into Mad Max, though the Cinderella costumes were absolutely stunning.image
Inside Out won best animated film. I fell in love with the film after seeing it in the theatres. I know that a lot of people saw it as a great film for mental illness. I really liked the message that the film had about growing up and how we change. I especially loved the after scene with the cats.

I think the one thing everyone went into this night hoping was that Leonardo DiCaprio would win best actor. It’s been a long cLeonardo DiCaprioareer for him with some great performances and the award has always been just out of reach, so tonight’s win was hopefully a win that will be remembered for many years. I think he is a great actor and it didn’t see the film I am glad that he has finally become an award winner. Tonight’s Oscars were an interesting night to say the least, I can’t wait to see what films are coming out this year that will be Oscar worthy.