Long Beach Comic Expo a Con in Review


imageSo this last weekend was the Long Beach Comic Expo. I was very excited to go because my squad was driving up for the con and we were all staying together. I also would get to see so many of my friends.

I got to the con about an hour in with my bff and we walked around a bit outside saying hi to everyone. It made me glad that so many people come out to the convention. I was dressed on Saturday as a casual Black widow in a dress. I am still in love with the dress I bought for the con.image

I was excited to get a postcard signed by Terry Dodson. I love his depiction of Harley Quinn and I was excited for the chance to get to meet him. I also picked up an art book from Dustin Ngyuen, who was an artist for Lil Gotham. My friend saw me drooling over a giant Godzilla stuffed animal so while I was taking photos with a famous dog he bought me him. He now sleeps on my bed.

i got to see so many gorgeous cosplayers and got to hug so many friends. I had a great Italian place for dinner with my squad and then spent the night tossing and turning.image

On Sunday I wore a Poison Ivy inspired dress and walked around the con with some friends. I loved seeing all the art available of my favorite characters. I even stopped and talked a while to Dino who is a voice actor that I think is awesome, he voices multiple characters in video games I play.

imageOne of the best parts of the weekend was getting lots of my cosplay friends to fill out Crabs Adjust Humidity cards so that durning our soon to be weekly gaming nights we will have a cosplay geek deck created completely by cosplayers and geeks we all know.