Silicon Valley Comic Con A Review


photo 3So this weekend I spent at the Silicon Valley Comic Con with some of my friends. Three of us roadtripped up and stayed at a close friend of mine’s place. We had a blast driving up and singing showtunes. We got into San Jose about 2 hours early. We got dressed and then showed up at the con right as it opened. I had no issue getting my badge and we walked around the exhibitor floor. The show floor was small for vendors, just a little bit of vendors for the floor. I was definitely expecting a bigger floor, but there were definitely a lot of cool vendors. I saw some really great stuff out there.

I had a lot fun seeing all of my cosplay friends from the Northern California area. I think that is the best part of far away cons is running into people I only see once in a while. There were a lot of great cosplay guests. Many from the LA area, but there were a few from out of state and the Nor Cal area. I think a cosplay corner is a great thing for conventions. It is a way to show that cosplayers are really coming up in the world as a larger part of 2 (1)

I went to a few of the panels. I loved hearing people talk about their passions. I went to a Kit Bashing panel run by Steven Meissner of Solo Roboto Industries and Gary Crowl Jr. of Beer Money Props. It was fun listening to them talk about ways to make cosplays on a budget. I got to see the guys talk it was a lot of fun. There are so many things that I didn’t think about using before. Lootcrate had a panel on Saturday in the morning where they announced a new subscription box – LootCrate DX. A higher quality collectible box.

I enjoyed walking around the con looking at all the items for sale. There was a few really cool items. There was a corgi pillow, cool patches and lots of art of comic book characters. There was a Virtual Reality booth that you could try out and a pancake 3d printer, that made the geekiest pancakes. Netflix even had a booth talking about their dvd service.

I look forward to going back next year and seeing what celebrities will be coming to the show.