Geek Fashion: Star Wars Darkside Women’s Denim Jacket


Fell in love with this jacket on and wanted to share it with all of you. It is a beautiful denim. image-jcktswdarkdenim-3-shsnowatermark The patches are super cool. I am in love with the AT-At patch. I like the color of the black denim. If you are looking for an awesome jacket that shows off your Star Wars love this might be the jacket for you. The back of the jacket is blank. It looks like the jacket should fit tight and look good on the body. It will run you about $70. So if you are in the market for a new jacket here’s a thought for a new choice you might want to consider. This isn’t the first jacket that has come out that looks so incredibly cool. Lately we ladies have been getting luckier and luckier with all the amazing things that keep coming out for us to wear. Dresses to leggings, shoes and jackets. There is an abundance of stuff coming out for us to match out our wardrobe. image-jcktswdarkdenim-primary-shsnowatermark