Short Stories: Midnight Snack Monster


th (1)So I thought this might be fun.. Here is a short story by one of our writers. Batt 😀 

The wind began to rustle……

As the sounds of cars driving began to fade all I could hear was the sound of my own heartbeat. I tossed and turned in my bed but was unable to sleep. Then a deep roar came from outside. Car alarms went off a few blocks away and I could hear tree limbs snap as if something was rolling over them.

I crept to my window to peer outside and saw nothing. Then the unmistakeable roar took over the streets again. One by one the street lights went out, but not before a quick shadow crept across the fence on the other side of the street. By now the hairs on my arms began to stand up and I knew someone…something was out there. Then my front door creeked open with the speed of a snail going downhill. Whatever it was, it was in my house. Had I forgotten to lock the door? Dammit! I felt around for something to use a weapon to defend myself, all I could find was a hair brush and a left shoe.

I knelt by my door to see light spilling in from the floor. Something was in my kitchen, something was in the fridge. Bottles of salad dressing clanked together like a broken door bell, and the thud of containers hit the floor as they emptied. Little by little I took the shoelace off my chuck taylor and began to tie to the end of the brush. If Freddie Prinze Junior could work a chain whip in the Scooby doo movies, I surely could.

I knew I had only one shot to get whatever it was out of my house. I opened the door with all my might and let out a mighty battle cry as I flung my hair brush made from Whale Bone into the sky and around me in an arcing motion. It was then that it all went to hell.
I wasn’t wearing shoes, and slipped on low fat Italian dressing that covered the floor. My foot came from underneath me and I fell flat on my back hitting my head on the tile. Everything buzzed until a large “thwack” hit me square between the eyes. My hair brush (made from whale bone) that I though was being swung with the precision of a surgeon had come crashing down onto me.
The slow steady stream of blood dripped from my face into my eyes. I tried to sit up and see what had entered my home only to find that the floor was too slippery. All I could see was a tail swiping gingerly under the door of the icebox. Then a deep bell rang out from the study. That is when it occurred to me. The sound of 12 bells meant it was midnight.
Instantly I was rushed to the thought of earlier in the day when I had gone on a tour of my local museum and seen an Egyptian exhibit. One of the artifacts was a Cat dish that belonged to a pet. It was found in a high priestess temple. I tried to snap a picture of it only to accidently knock over a plant and damaging the artifact. I knew curses existed, but I didn’t think something like this was possible.

Was I really in the presence of a god? A Pet God? Did I simply drink too much, and this was a bad dream? I slowly slide over to the edge of the icebox to see a humanoid creature, but not human. It had grey thin fur covering its body with ears that pointed up. Then it stopped what it was doing.
It turned to me, and looked at me with wide eyes. I felt a drip of what I thought was blood go into the corner of my mouth. It wasn’t blood, it was Alfredo sauce. Somehow I also managed to cover my head with a delicious creamy leftover sauce from Olive Garden of all places. It was then that I knew it wasn’t just looking at me out of curiosity. No…it was looking at me like a meal.

I pushed against the wall and slide across the floor like shamu at Sea World.
I was able to get a footing and head for the backyard. A large roar let out and I knew whatever it was, it was after me. Without hesitation I hurdled over the fence like the desperate fatman I was, and into my neighbors back yard. They had a trampoline and despite being scared out of my Wonder Woman Underoos I was reminded of Ferris Bueller’s day off. Still this was no time for John Hughes nostalgia, it was live or die time.
Bursting through the fence and into the street I headed for the park. That’s it, wide open space, make myself a bigger target! I wasn’t thinking clearly. My head was covered in Alfredo sauce and my body was slicked up with dressing. Out of breath I knelt in the field and waited my fate as I could hear the low growl behind me. My time had come. I turned and looked at the creature…

My Wonder Woman Underoos were no longer the sparkling banner of justice they once were. It pounced on me and dug its claws into my chest piercing my flesh, and I knew I was done for. All I could do was thinking about how I never ran a marathon, or finished Doctor Who. I knew I was going to die, and that is when it happened. It never occured to me that the shoelace I had tied to my brush managed to wrap itself around my ankle. The creature began to notice the brush moving back and forth as I winced in pain. Slowly it crept closer to it and began to paw at it. Noticing this, I began to move my leg and watch it chase after the brush.

This continued until dawn began to set in. What was this thing? Why did it like to eat my food? Why was it playing with my Whale Bone Brush?? Finally it stopped and looked at me. I knew it, it was simply playing with its food. I knelt down to accept my fate and to my surprise it licked my wounds. It felt like sandpaper, but I looked down to see them closing up. It had healed my afflictions.
I touche my wounds or lack there off and looked up. It was gone. As quickly as it came it left. I went home, and my neighbors going to work saw me, and I could hear them “So that what he does at those comic cons”
It had been days since the incident occurred. I dare not tell anyone, I only did research. Trying to find anything I could about what happened to me. I went back to the museum and the exhibit was gone. Replaced by a history of Wayne Newton’s career.
I might not ever know what was out there, or where it came from, but every night at midnight I go outside with a bowl of Alfredo sauce and bread sticks and I wait. I wait to see if this Midnight Snack Monster returns.
~The End…..?