Gaming: Kingdom Hearts Unchained


photo 1Disney and Square Enix have released a new game for the phone/tablet world. It is a cute game that reminds me of handheld type games.  Like in the last games of Kingdom Hearts you get to talk to different Disney characters in your adventures. Each area is different to the different lands. Like the first area is in the town, the next area takes you to Wonderland. There is Agrabah, Olympia and more as you complete more quests.

photo 4 (1)The game has been out since the 7th of this month I have already got to the 50th quest. I really enjoy each level. Each time you have 3 objectives to try to complete.  Examples of the objectives are killing all the enemies in one turn or not dying during a level.

The game offers Storymode, Specials, Events and then something I have yet to unlock (it unlocks at 130 quest). The Specials start at lvl 30 bosses to fight but give you great rewards. The events start much lower with not as big rewards. The storymode actually gives you a lot of stuff just for each quest you do.

photo 2So far I am having a lot of the fun and the storymode is a lot of seeing Disney and Kingdom Hearts characters. I enjoy seeing all those characters. I keep hoping for lands with some of my favorite characters.

There is an avatar board where you get different outfits as you go through levels. Right now I am using the Cheshire Cat costume. I think I might just have to cosplay the outfit.

So are you playing the game? What level are you? What outfit are you wearing? Tell me all about what you are enjoying.