Nerf Herder at the Troubadour


imageI went to the Troubadour to see Nerf Herder with a friend of mine. I had never seen them play before. I thought it was pretty cool that they are a nerd/geek band. I have really only heard Songhammer (who are pretty awesome) before going to see Nerf Herder. I really enjoyed hearing them play. They played a lot of fun songs that I have since listened to again. They definitely gained a fan that night.

So if you haven’t yet heard of Nerd Herder they are a pop punk band from Santa Barbara. The music is very pop culture centric  and geek related. They play songs that reference lots of movies, comcis, books and actors. It was fun to see all the people really into the music bouncing around and singing along.

I was excited to hear them play the theme song to Buffy. I thought that was super cool. There were 2 other bands that played before Nerf Herder, Geezer and Fartbarf. I was really happy that my friend asked me to go with her. I will definitely be sharing Nerf Harder with more of my friends.

Check out their website so you can hear some of their music and find out where they are playing next.