Batman V Superman A Spoiler Free Review


th (12)There is so much I want to say about the movie that I won’t say because it might ruin it for some. I would never want to ruin the enjoyment of the film for anyone else. I have to say I liked it a lot.

First off I think that the crtiics were far too hard on the movie. I went into the movie seeing the critics giving the film a 30/100 and worried that it wasn’t that good. Then I saw that fans were giving the film a 70/100 and wondered why there was such a huge difference.

I really liked Ben Affleck’s Batman. I thought he did a good job being Batman. I enjoyed his older version of our Bat. I also liked Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel. I thought he does a good job as Superman.

I know a lot of DC fans are throwing anger towards the movie and not feeling the way that Zach Snyder made the film. I can understand why a lot of people dislike the film. I see the flaws and the storyline not being as strong as it could have been.

The film doesn’t have a strong story line. It lacks the strength in its script, though if you aren’t too strict on the script I enjoy the characters and their interactions. I liked the interactions between Batman and Wonder Woman. If you aren’t holding the film to all the dc comics and enjoy a film with a pretty good batman you might enjoy the film as I did.