Zootopia A Review


I know this is a little late for a movie review but I keep getting behind. Soon I hope to be caught up and not behind.th

Disney came out with an adorable movie about animals and a look at our society. Zootopia was a great show about our society and how we can act if we look at the world with brighter bunny eyes.

I really loved all the different characters in the show. I thought Flash was the cutest and I can’t wait to get myself a  Flash plushie. I enjoyed all the jokes throughout the movies that were aimed at adults. There were very adorable guest appearances.I thought that the city was visually rich. They really thought out all of the points of the city. I like that you could really imerse yourself in all the little things they put into to make the zootopia seem almost human like.

zootopiaSo Zootopia is about Judy a bunny who wants to become a cop. In Zootopia predators are the only ones who become cops, so it is unheard of for a bunny to even want to become a cop. Even though the whole city is against her, she works so hard to make her dreams come true. It’s a story of how perseverance is the only way. The story of friendship, trials, and how the world can be a cruel place and a loving place we just have to see the world in a good way.