Rabbids at the 99 Cent Store


13014944_10150604567484967_1321365922_nSo if you are a Rabbid’s fan you are in luck. The 99 cent only store has some of the talking Rabbid’s and the mystery mini vinyls in stock. I ran across a ton of them at the store. I ended up learning more about them when I had a triend who collects them get really excited about them. These guys will run you $1.99 at the $0.99 Store but they talk and they would run you $7-$10 in a normal store. My store also had the mystery mini vinyls for $0.99.

If Rabbids are your jam, you should head over to the store and pick some up. Rabbids first came out as a video game with these foul mouthed raving mad rabbits. It was a lot of fun to play and run around as. I am glad to see there are so many fun toys.