Battleborn Open Beta Weekend


th (6)So I downloaded the Battleborn Open Beta this weekend because I wanted to get a feel for the game. I know I have been to conventions where they had trials but I prefer to play at home, easier for me and less stressful. I am super in love with some of the designs of the characters. I really love Orendi, Melka, Thorn, and Marquis.The beta weekend had some of the characters available for you to play. Not all of them. It definitely gives you a chance to check out the game without having bought it just yet.

It reminded me of Destiny a little bit with the way that the landscape looks with the gameplay really feeling like a MOBA but from first person point of view. I played Orendi and spent the time throwing fireballs of magic at the enemy. It was an interesting first time playing and I will be picking up the game. It was fun to play but I think you are going to see me playing a lot of Overwatch in the coming months.