Wondercon A Con Review


13010160_1171870079519758_1568393669_oI always enjoy going to convnetions that are near my home, so I don’t have to get a hotel. It definitely saves me some money.I attended Wondercon at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I was sad that it was not at the Anaheim Convention Center mostly because I live right next to Anaheim and thus its an easier and cheaper trip for me, but I do like it being next to LA Live. It took me almost no time to get my badge. I heard pro badges were slowed down and took a while to pick up. I was glad that my badge took no time and because of that I walked back over to Starbucks and got a drink for the day.

I walked around the convention floor on Friday waiting for Paul Dini to be at his signing time. I spent a lot of time at the DC booth talking to different fans who were like me crazy about Batman and were waiting in line for different artists. I got a couple of different autographs. I also walked around the floor and saw the artist alley. I wanted to grab so many of the artists work. I plan to keep all of them bookmarked and hopefully pick up stuff at later conventions.

I spent a lot of my time at the convention hanging out with cosplay friends and talking to companies about their products. There are so many amazing things coming out for geeks over the next few years. After the convention I went to the Drunk Hawk Man Viewing Party to hang out with the actors of the webseries. If you haven’t yet watched it give it a go. It’s a lot of fun.13048093_10150608696294967_4817418374416148666_o

I really enjoyed myself at the Wondercon and I love forward to the con coming back to Anaheim. I enjoy the Anaheim convention center and look forward to next year.