Jessica Jones My thoughts and a Review


I marathoned Jessica Jones from the hour it was released until mid day when it came out. I fell in love immediately with a hardened superhero who shared parts of me. I fell in love with the show because of everything it stood for and all that I could connect with.

Everyday I deal with PTSD. For me it affects me everyday and when I try to explain things to people, I get told things like “but you dont seem like you have problems, or my favorite “you were able to do”XYZ” so obviously its not that hard for you”… as if dealing with my issues is something I can control. Jessica Jones brings PTSD to light and the fact that it can affect people in different ways and make life unbearable at times.
Jessica-Jones-tv-9I fell in love with Jessica Jones and her ability to show so many forms of emotion without relenting. Kristen Ritter showed us that we can overcome anything that we put our minds too. I loved the way different people in her life come to help her out. The way so many people tried to help her become a stronger person. The way that she pushed herself everytime that he was near by to try to get out of his grip.

David Tentant was both scary and beautiful as Killgrave. He plays a man with the ability to make you say yes whenever he wants it. I can connect with Jessica and Killgrave because of my past trauma. I felt the show did a great job showing off their stalkerish relationship and the way he tormented her.