Ramblings of A Part Time Druid Part One


th (16)Each week I will write about something new or old in the World of Warcraft world. I enjoy the game tremendously and love playing.

Now do you rememeber when scenarios came uot, here’s a quick look back at Scenarios…

World of Warcraft the beginning of Scenarios

The newest thing to be added to the game of World of Warcraft is scenarios, they have added our first taste of them just a week before the next expansion comes out. I got the chance to play it today on the alliance side ( I know at some point I will have a high level horde toon but this is not that time). So I’m going to talk a little bit about them tonight.Theramore’s Fall is the name of our starter scenario. I am playing nowadays on a 393 geared Disc Priest. Should be doing raids but I haven’t really been up for raiding lately. I may be rejoining the raiding class or may just enjoy the game for everything else this upcoming expansion.

The scenario starts off, for alliance with you defending the harbor, killing horde as they wait to kill you. You must kill lots of the horde and then 3 elite captains and blow up 3 horde ships. It takes if you aren’t too quick on your first time through like 5­7 minutes. It goes by pretty quickly. Then after you have blown up your ships you run over to kill another elite and after him you check on Jaina. She then sends you over to kill some more horde before you finally do the final battle which is to protect Lady Jaina while she protects the Focusing Iris.

The whole scenario took us less then 20 minutes at the end of it, I recieved some justice points and some alliance fireworks. Our tank got a nice 384 weapon. So if you are still playing the game, hop on and check out scenarios and stop by and telling me if you are lucky enough to get any of

the epics that are awarded.