Retro Gaming: Monster Rancher for the PS1


Monster_Rancher_coverMonster Rancher for the Playstation

For as long as I’ve been gaming I’ve been known to always be in search of a game that I can play that is just fun. No puzzles to endure, no hard levels, just lots of fighting or whatever be the style of game and enjoyment. I found that in the first Monster Rancher and in the rest of the series but the first will always be my favorite mostly because it is where I was introduced and fell in love. Especially with the little green dino I named after my favorite cat. The game is pretty straight forward raise a monster from a baby to fight in arena style matchings.

There are lots of different things to do along the way and then when your pet has reached a ripe old age you retire him and start on a new monster. The race was always to get a pet to the highest class before he reached that old age. It wasn’t the easiest and I know a lot of people that couldn’t do it. But it was a fun try everytime, learning what worked and what didn’t entering battles and walking away the victor.

Another awesome part of the game was how you could aquire rare or special monsters. You would go to a breeder switch discs to a music disc you owned and it would give you some different monster. You could keep a small stable and then breed them together to get better monsters to battle. I used to love seeing what different CD’s had in store for me. My younger brother loved to watch and would get excited when the monsters were exceptionally cool.

The game had different classes you could ascend through, mini games to play, money to buy your pet different items to help him grow and lots of cuteness just radiating throughout the game. I still have some of the collectibles that they sold for the game, most came from Japan where the game was big, but at one point Carl’s Jr./Hardees had toys for the game in there kids meals. I have a full set. Don’t judge me 🙂

So if you still own a playstation and like the arena style fighting games with cute monsters take a chance and search out this game. I loved it and I am sure you might just fall in love too.