Throwback Geek Fashion Forever 21 Bats and Cats Collection


th (3)Forever 21 came out with a collection in 2013 that was a Batman inspired theme of Bats and Cats.It was a collaboration with DC and Forever 21 to bring a hip and different look to the scene hoping to catch both comic lovers and fashionistas, Forever 21 has made multiple different collections with geek fandoms before we have seen Hello Kitty, Marvel, Star Wars, Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This collection really got me because I love both Batman and cats.. so I was overly excited. There were cat bangle necklaces, bat symbols backpack, sweaters, rings, and earrings. I bought a ton of the jewelry because I loved the collection so much. th (4)

th (20)Here is a couple of the little designs that were a part of the collection. I loved how they used the little bats on so much of the outfits. The bat pieces pajamas made me want to never get out of bed. The cat ears were so adorable and I would totally wear them anyday.


Here are few more pieces of the collection for you to go through.

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