Freaky Pets


Another cute stuffed animal that has a online world has emerged this time, in cute and grotesque forms. I fell in love with Dinork the moment I saw him. They do some contests on there facebook page pretty regularly and because of that I won some freaky pets. I own Pengu and Dinork. I want the rest of them. They are beyond adorable.

th (23)Right now on the website they have 10 different styles for sale. All right now you can play games and win points to be able to redeem for prizes like stuff Freaky Pets. Each pet is a double.. you can turn them inside out to be scary or friendly. They have some velcro in the back and they switch back and forth with some effort.. not the easiest.. butwhen you get the hang of it.. it’s not hard.

The stuffed animals are quite fun and I love the different characters. I plan to at some point try out the online game connected to them. I played Neopets back in the day. So I might even enjoy the game.

There is even a live show that you can visit and win prizes at that is in New York, so if you live out there you might be able to have some fun.

So check out the website