Rambling of a Part Time Druid Part Two


World of Warcraft things to do while waiting for Legion

With Legion coming soon, the game can sometimes be at a stand still. You can feel lost at times when there’s no more raiding to be had and no more leveling to be achieved. So you have to find something more to do when the air in game is stale.b4408be7bf4bc1d4637b83da16131c4a

Darkmoon Faire is still fun, there is still things to get if you are like some a pet collector or item collector.There are achievements to complete.. lately I’ve been running around completing quests for the Loremaster achievement because I was too lazy to complete it years ago and it’s giving me time to see the old worlds I neglect (and make a nice coin off all the things I find.)

There is pet collecting to get up to the 150 mark if you haven’t reached it yet, or Mount collecting if you are still shy of the 100 mark.There is completing things like the Arena Grand Master achievement or the Fishing achievement..(I’m never online for either derby. someday, someday). I am still working on reputations, only 5 more til 50.. just the old world stuff, just takes forever to get there..

There is still so much to do in game if you want to be in game. If you need the break Diablo 3 is great fun and has a lot to look forward too, or if you have consoles you can always break them out since there is a lot of great games out there, take a look at our gaming section, we’ll be talking about lots of different games you should be playing.

So yes the game at the moment is stale but like wow has always been the wait will be over in a while you just have to amuse yourself until the expansion makes its way to the shelves.