Captain America: Civil War (Spoiler Free)


By the time you read this article you will have no doubt heard 7 simple words.

“Did you see Captain America this weekend?”

Captain-american_civilwarMyself included, I know the answer would be yes. Once again Marvel stormed into theaters this weekend with another installment of its films. Captain America: Civil War is like a love letter to every geek, nerd, dork or fanboy out there. It gave us everything we could have wanted in a movie,and just when we though it climaxed, the folks over at Marvel gave us a little more. Now I won’t sit here and give you details, and particular plot points for what happened in the movie. That just isn’t my style. What I will tell you is simple. GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Civil War does what it needed to. It showcased both action and the ideas and beliefs of what these characters think about.

Robert Downey Jr. reminds everyone that he is indeed Iron Man. He makes it hard to hate him when he walks in and delivers valid points as to why the heroes need to be put “in check” for their own good. Iron Man works so well for the film in the essence that he is a futurist. He doesn’t think about what people might need, he already knows it. Now having said that it makes for some interesting conflict in the film. Knowing what people need sets up a certain ego that leads to some drastic decisions. Those decisions are ultimately what drive our Armored Avenger towards his goal.

On the other side of the coin we have Chris Evans as Captain America. Chris has continued to deliver a solid performance as Steve Rogers. Representing an era of human history when being proud of your country and fighting for what is right, is something that we can all agree is lacking in today’s society. The fact that he is a man out of time provides insight into what makes him tick. He believes in truth, Justice and Freedom for all mankind. That is of course what sets him on the opposing side for the film, and sets up such great conflict among our heroes.

The backdrop of this film is really what should, and shouldn’t these beings be able to do. The world now has people that can do fantastic and amazing things, but where does the responsibility lay? That is the major question that goes into this film. When something happens in another country, who says you can just walk into it and demand justice? When a building gets damaged who is responsible for its repairs? When someone is hurt or killed as a result of these encounters, how do they go on with their lives? In this fantastic world of Gods and Monsters we are left with the humanity questions. Where do we the average person fit in with what is going on. The answer from the government, and several others around the world is that everyone needs to be registered and will answer to a higher power on how and when they should act. There will be no more storming into battle without the proper paperwork filled out. Steve and Tony are at odds with this. When the world needs help, Cap feels that action is needed, where Tony thinks the appropriate channels need to be addressed.

ant-man-paul-rudd1This films gives us a great set of dramatic sequences in an action movie that set up our characters. Watching each member of the Avengers deal with these issues really helps set a tone for their characters. The great thing about this movie is that we never really have to ask who these people are, because Marvel has been setting everyone up over the last decade. These are the things that make it great for the long time fans. Although one thing that the fans have been crazy about is the introduction of Spider-man and the Black Panther into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We have already seen Ant-man in his own feature film,  which if you haven’t watched yet, you should! Watching these new characters interact for the first time is treat for fans and new comers alike. I won’t say specifics regarding their direction or what happens, but I can tell you that it is nothing short of breath taking. Chad Boseman gives us the beginning of what is going to be a franchise of epic proportions. His Black Panther does indeed steal a few scenes, and establish a great foundation for what will hopefully be a long and exciting franchise.

Other tchadwick-boseman-as-black-pantherhan The Wakanda protector, everyone was looking forward to seeing the debut of Spider-man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Being tied up with Sony, it seemed like we might not ever get to see Spider-man next to anyone else outside of his own franchise. So when the trailer came out and featured him geeks everyone let out a collective cry of sheer joy. Watching The Webhead swing his way into this film was…well, Amazing. (Sorry Andrew Garfield)

Overall this film has a lot going on, and you really should watching everything preceding it to really get what is going on. The casual fan will still have an enjoyable experience, but to anyone that has watched what Marvel has done so far, you are in for such a treat that you will flip your wig. You are going to get action, drama, comedy and of course about all else, ENTERTAINMENT. After all this is exactly why we see these movies, to be entertained. Marvel does a great job of crafting this film into something that everyone will like. So when you walk into work, and start checking your emails, going over your schedule or spinning the dial on your locker and your coworker next to you leans over and says:

“Did you see Captain America this weekend?”

You will be able to take a deep breath, look over at them and say without a doubt in your mind.

“Yes, I have seen Captain America, and I only have one thing to say. Make Mine Marvel.

Captain America is now in theaters across the country to see what showtimes are available in your area, Check your local theater for times.