Gaming: Darkest Dungeon


darkest_dungeon_1I watched a friend of mine play this game and after I saw how much she enjoyed playing, i knew that i wanted to play it too. So i bought the game and started playing. It is a well liked game, the game first started on Kickstarter and reached its goal in 2 days and then hit 6 times that by the close of the Kickstarter ending at $312,000.

The game is played by so many. It had a huge following since before the Kickstarter. The game since Kickstarter has sold 650,000. The game is a roguelike dungeon crawling game developed by an indie game company. The game is difficult and stressful, though addictive and fun.

In the game you create teams of characters to level up by going through dungeons and completing tasks. Your characters each are different types and all types have different skills from warirors, clerics, rogues, and ranged. So taking a varying team with you can be quite helpful.