Hot Topic’s Mercs for Money Blind Box Release


10548355_av1Hot Topic has been releasing Blind Box runs recently as a new gimmick to get people to buy more toys and to get toy collectors into the store. They did a Black and White DC characters release and a Easter Mercs for Money release. This time we are getting a Mercs for Money release with Madcap, Slapstick and Stingray. Each of these are a new model from the first release. There is also a secret special chase figure. Which is a rare character which is a Metallic Madcap. It looks pretty cool.

From the Hot Topic site:

So you’ve been collecting Funko Pop! vinyl figures for a while, right? We’re sure your collection is awesome, but how about adding a little bit of mystery to it? Introducing four Hot Topic exclusive vinyl figures in blind boxes. Choices include Marvel’s Mercs for Money featuring Stingray, Slapstick and Madcap. Plus, an ultra-rare chase figure. What is it? Sorry, it’s a surprise! And which one will you get? That’s completely random.10548355_hi

PS There’s a full Pop! box inside the mystery box, so in-box collectors have nothing to worry about.

Sorry, no choice or returns.

Hot Topic exclusive!