Ramblings of a Part Time Druid Part Three


Overwatch comes out very soon and I am overly excited about Overwatch. I am greatly in love with Widowmaker and McCree. I am in love with all of Widowmakers skins. I can’t wait to get lost in the game for many hours soon.

thuI have been doing a lot of pet battles lately. I enjoy leveling up my pets. I love searching through my pets and deciding which ones must become level 25. I love the pet battles when it was announced I was a giddy school girl. Right now I am leveling my feline familiar and diablo so they can be level 25.

I right now am enjoying the releveling of a new Warlock on my server. I have an old warlock who I have used since before Burning Crusade hit, but she is on another server and I am cheap and do not want to transfer her over. I can not wait to go and get her the Tier 6 set because that is my all time favorite outfit for any character ever in game.

I am in Panderia. I remember the first times I went through Panderia and hating it. It was truly my least favorite expansion. I liked the Sha. It’s one of the coolest designs for mobs. I like the way they are animated.