Overwatch Tracer Event at Hollywood and Highland


So Overwatch’s Twitter posted about an unveiling of 3 different giant statues in 3 different countries. One of the places they did an unveiling was in Hollywood, California. In traffic it takes about an hour and a half to get to Hollywood and Highland from my home. I was a bit bummed it was so early in the morning that I had to get up so that I could make it to the morning event, but being a die hard Blizzard fan, I crawled into bed early and jumped on the freeway when I got up the next morning.

The three statues were:

Tracer in Hollywood, CA

Pharah in Busan, Korea

Genji in Paris, France

Now I love Blizzard. I am a huge fan and have been a player of Blizzard games for over 15 years, so when they tell us something is going on I just to race out the door. I really love the company and so I’m definitely a Blizz Fan Girl.image (1)

We got to Hollywood around 9am parked and rushed over to the statue (which was already unveiled) to stand around and wait. The statue was giant and weighed 6000 pounds, so too heavy for any of us to take it home in the middle of the night. There was a push me button on the side that you could push and Tracer lit up in her core, but the sounds were quite muffled from being in cased in a very thick glass.

At 10am a huge crowd of Blizzard Nerds all stood around the statue waiting for the big announcement Then a security guard walked up and said “This is it. You can take pictures with it.” So I stood around for an hour to find out that we had already seen it all.

We ended up taking a photo with all of us for the Overwatch team. We walked around the Hollywood and Highland center a bit and then went home.


So overall, it was super cool and they are taking it down on Tuesday. So if you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out. Please do.