Overwatch Esports Event at CSUF


imageToday Overwatch servers went live. They went live a little bit late, but the game went live and people started playing. I had downloaded the game but I was ready to go out to CSUF to go to an event for E-sports for the launch of the game. I had been to two events already this week and I was hoping this would be the best of group because there would be game play and games to play.

I was pretty excited because they were giving us free Taco Bell and Mountain Dew. I got 2 Doritos Loco Tacos and some Livewire Mountain Dew. They also gave me some Livewire and Kickstart to take home. We ate our tacos and grabbed our raffle tickets.image

Walking in the door they had a Rock paper Scissor game redone with Overwatch characters. There was a Nerf gun game based off Solider 76, a battle pong game much like beer pong using a team setup. There was a bunch of computers set up and you could get in line to get to play on the main stage. There were lots of coloring pages to color. I colored a Soldier 76 and brought home a Reaper coloring page. I really wish there had been a Widowmaker one.image

The raffle gave away Razer products. I would have loved to win the mouse or keyboard since they were not only great items but branded Overwatch. I also got a couple of Kind Bars.

Overall the night was really great. I got to meet Overwatch players, play games, color, eat taco bell and hang out with friends. I hope CSUF does another event for game launches because this was a lot of fun.