Living Dead Clothing Bioshock Collection


a68334dc68ffacd651fd88ec18016d9fLiving Dead Clothing always seems to hit it out of the park with their collections this time is no exception. I have been waiting for a Little Sister dress for a while now. I love the character and have wanted to be able to show my love.

Do you play Bioshock, is your wardrobe missing a bunch of 7409690d46ab95f919d338b238d47b95Bioshock clothing, I know mine is, so the time is now to pick up everything you need to show your love for the fandom.

There are quite a few great pieces in this collection. There are outfits, leggings, dresses and skirts. Everything to get your motor running when it comes to Bioshock.
Go and check out their website to see more of the collection.

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