San Diego Safari Park


imageI hadn’t been to the safari park in years so when a friend asked me if i wanted to go I said definitely. I live about an hour and a half away from the safari park and I am not a morning person. So I had to be coaxed out of bed with starbucks. I was super excited to go.

We got to the park and went straight to looking at the meerkats. I am a huge lover of meerkats. I want to take one home so badly. They are just the cutest babies ever. I named one George and he stretched out super cute for me to let me know that he was my friend.

We went on the behind the scenes Lion Tour. We got to see a soft shelled tortoise and a very spiny animal that looked like a porcupine but was closer to an platypus. Then we went over to the Lion’s cage and got to watch them lounge up close. It was really beautiful. I love big cats. They are absolutely beautiful.image

Then we went and got some food. I got a delicious pulled pork sandwich. We walked around and saw more animals like monkeys and lemurs and birds. Then we went over to the Cheetah Run where we were VIP. Which was super cool cause they let us be up close and personal with not one but two cheetahs. They were both gorgeous creatures. I would love to have a cheetah as a pet.

My friend bought me a gorgeous pair of meerkat earrings if I promised to not bring George home with me. So this time George stayed back but he will be coming home with me next time that is for sure.¬†Overall it was a really great day at the safari park. I can’t wait to go back.