Renaissance Pleasure Faire


imageI have been going to the Renn Faire since I was 14. I always loved history and the dressing up. There are so many things to do while walking around the faire and if you are into dressing up it can be a lot of fun.

I luckily was able to go twice this year and see all the differenct events going on. I got to see the Merry Wives of Windor perform which always makes me super happy. I got to eat a Tri tip sandwich. I bought some beautiful bone pins from a vendor. I didn’t dress up this year though, hopefully next year I will have an outfit to wear.

I love that their is so much to do at the faire from buying trinkets, watching musical acts and performance acts, throwing knifes and shooting arrows. You can eat, drink and be merry. There is something for everyone at the faire. It’s always a good time.