Arkham Underworld: The Scarecrow!


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There is no doubt that the Batman Arkham video game series definitely changed the game for a lot of people. Back when this game was initially released my friends and I would spend hours taking turns playing this epic adventure. As a huge Batman fan I was thrilled to see such an incredible representation of one of the most iconic superheros out there. A big part of that was hearing fan favorite voice actors like Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill back in the saddle again. The game play was so much fun, and trying to get through the Riddler’s clues left us scratching our heads more than once.

Dino AndradeOne of the highlights of the game was The Scarecrow. People have long wanted a properly done Scarecrow for years as his fear toxin induced visions lend themselves to such great visuals. The Scarecrow did not disappoint either. His adventure was filled with mind bending scenery that left you adjusting your eyes. The Scarecrow was voiced by veteran voice action Dino Andrade. Dino has done plenty of work including but not limited to World of Warcraft and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Dino brought a real creepy feeling to the master of fear. If you have ever run into him at a convention he has no problem flipping the switch and showcasing his incredible talent.

While browsing the internet I noticed that there were videos for The Underworld game that is available on mobile devices. I am chomping at the bit to update my phone so that I can download this game as it looks amazingly fun. The thing that enticed me on the behind the scenes videos is that none other than Dino himself was back voicing The Scarecrow! Look below to see Dino in action as he records for the game, and gives a little insight to the game as well. For anyone that is a fan of the series hearing Dino again is like coming back home to the Asylum. Watch the video below for the full interview.