Batman Road Trip Board Game


imageI was at Box Lunch the other day and came across this game. I am a huge Batman fan and I love getting the chance to play board games with friends. The game ended up being on sale and that made it even sweeter.

The game is super long. It’s the one thing I will say about the game right away We sat down to play and after about 2 hours we were still not even close to getting done.We were all drinking some Newcastle and having a blast though. There are a lot of rules we had to read through to make sure we were all doing the game right.image

The game is kinda like Monopoly in some ways if you pass your starting space and you recieve tokens. There are lots of thugs and villains on the board to fight. Your friends can be just as villainous and stop you from collecting the evidence you need in street battles if they happen to be close to you before you can turn it in.

imageThe point of the game is to collect evidence. The player who collects 4 pieces of evidence first wins the game. Now it takes quite a while to collect evidence, it isn’t just quickly collecting. You have to go around the board to get tokens to get into the area where the evidence is and then you have to defeat well known batman villains to claim the evidence.

Overall the game is fun. We were laughing and battling through out the game and even though we didn’t finish our game the first time around, we plan to come back and finish the game soon enough.