Irregular Choice Star Wars Shoes Phase 2


3777-15a_1Irregular Choice is the shoe company known for making new and interesting shoe designs. Last year they released a Star Wars collection that almost sold out at Star Wars Celebration. The collections they come out with are new and bold. They have a pair with a kitten as a heel or a shoe with a garden gnome as a heel. Every time I see this brand of shoe I just want to open my wallet and throw money at them. They make me need a second job just to keep up with their releases.

Each of the shoes are all very different and unique. They all make you want to get each different one because no two are very like each other. They are quite smart in making heels, sandals, shoes, flats and all different types to appeal to all shoe fans. Irregular choice’s shoes are always a fantastical design. Here are a couple of the great designs that are coming out in this release.

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