Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising Review (Spoiler Free)


It seems that the closer we get to summer the more the studios like to push the envelope. This week I had the pleasure of seeing Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising. If you recall the first one, it had it’s share of raunchy college moments, and this sequel does it’s best when it comes to those as well. Here is the basic premise for you if you are unsure what is going on. Instead of having a Frat next door, there is now going to be an all girl Sorority next to our family.

seth-rogen_rose-byrneSeth Rogen and Rose Byrne return as our favorite couple Mac and Kelly Radner. Mac and Kelly open the movie with a scene that pretty much sets the tone for the entire film. If I didn’t know that this was a movie, I would almost believe that Seth and Rose are a real married couple. In Neighbors 2, they manage to slip effortlessly back into their roles of husband and wife. Their banter and the way that they go back and forth with ideas and situations is hilarious. These two parents should know easily what is right and wrong, and somehow they manage to make some pretty funny decisions. I really enjoyed the dialogue between these two. I am curious where the script ended, because it certainly felt like they were improving for several moments. The way they handled the material with their daughter was priceless.

Not to be outdone by the returning married couple we get Zac Efron back as Teddy Sanders, former Fratboy. Since we last saw Teddy not much has changed. He seems to be clinging to his old life pretty heavily as someone that doesn’t know what to do with their life. Zac is transitioning nicely into an adult actor. He comes back in Neighbors 2:Sorority Rising with a very solid performance that does not simply include him standing around shirtless. Although yes ladies, it does in fact happen. When it happens though it makes a lot sense, and provides plenty of laughs. Teddy plays a very integral role to the film. He is essentially the link between our Sorority Sisters, more on them in a minute, and our married couple of Mac and Kelly. He is able to understand where the girls are coming from,and also knows what Mac and Kelly need. This creates a good internal conflict for him as he balances and weighs things in the movie, before finally make a decision on where he should be.

132131_016Let’s talk about the Sorority Sisters of Kappa NU. Chloë Grace Moretz is one part of our trio of sisters as Shelby. Kiersey Clemons plays quirky but fun Beth, and rounding out the group is the completely insane Nora played by Beanie Feldstein. These girls come correct! Not to be outdone by the returning cast, our Sisters prove that they can go toe to toe on screen with anyone in the cast. When you occasionally get the dimwitted answer they surprise you with clever actions. Chloe does a fantastic job of leading our girls towards a path that includes smoking, drinking and vengeance against their neighbors. She really is establishing herself as a terrific actress in young Hollywood. Kiersey comes from a fantastic movie called DOPE. If you haven’t seen that, you should, but in this film she gives us a different personality showing a real range of emotions. The real wildcard of the trio Beanie proves that her character Nora can dish out one of the best physical comedy moments of the movie. Overall these ladies brought their A game, and they certainly were going to need it in this film.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is a high energy, raunchy comedy that will have tremendous replay value. If you enjoyed the first movie, then the sequel will keep you laughing until long after you have left the theater. I enjoyed this film, all aspects of it are they type of R rated comedy I come to expect from Seth Rogen. Let’s face it, he knows what works, and if you have enjoyed his other films then you know he won’t disappoint you. The movie is filled with several situations of unexpected physical comedy, laugh out loud moments and a little gross out humor. If you are looking to have a gut busting comedy, look no further. Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is pledging to bring you plenty of it.