Ramblings of a Part Time Druid Part Four


th (11)I’ve been leveling my warlock lately. She has made it to level 93. I love the Tier 6 outfit for Warlocks so I thought why not get her up to level 100 so I have a transmogged Lock at main level. I more prefer the priest play style to a warlock, but I really enjoy the outfits so here I go.

I also have been pet battling, I hate having to do the stupid challenges with the of finding the Battle Legendary fights were you have to fight harder stuff that just sometimes kicks your butt.

I have been really good about playing. I dislike soloing boss encounters even if they are older bosses. I finally got my helm though. So now I have 2 of the pieces I need toward Tier 6. It’s a slowing moving RNG process.