Ghostbuster BuildaBear Available June 23


Now right now everyone is going for nostalgia. Ghostbusters the new film is soon to hit theatres and the 1984 film is in theatres right now. Coca Cola is bringing back Ecto Cooler and everyone is fondly remembering this franchise while its on the cusp of a new installment.

BuildaBear has gotten into the game with the cutest ghost busting bear. He is just to die for.


He is a 17 inch bear and without all the frills just the bear alone will set you back $25. You can get his suit, proton pack, ghostbuster sound clip and marshmellow scent for some more cash.

  • A tan Ghostbusters jumpsuit ($13.50)
  • Proton pack ($10.50)
  • Ghostbusters theme song sound chip ($7.00)
  • Ghostbusters furry friend tee ($7.00)
  • Marshmallow scent ($3.50)

I know that I need him with him little jumpsuit and his proton pack so I will be definitely getting that much for sure.

You can also pick up a smaller 7 inch Slimer. He’s kinda cute and kinda weird. I don’t know if I am in love with him just yet. slimer-build-a-bear-615x458

The last in the series is just so darned cute. He is the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. He is a 19 inch stuffed animal that you can add the sound and the marshmallow scent too.


You can preorder him and his pals now on the buildabear website and he will be available in stores on June 23rd.