Real Steel – A review of a film you might have missed.


th (16)I remember seeing the trailer for this movie back months before I had heard anything about it. I got all excited cause I thought it was gonna be a Rock’m Sock’em Robots movie. I saw it had Hugh Jackman wanted to see it, though he ruined the chance at Viva Laughlin, I still like him as a performer.He makes an fantastic Wolverine and he is such a neat guy. I really love watching him in everything he does.

Battle Bots is back on tv and I thought why not remind everyone of this little film that maybe wasn’t a huge blockbuster hit but was still worth watching.

The movie itself is about a world where men no longer box because robots have taken their place. Hugh Jackman plays a former boxer now fighting Robots, but failing at it who finds out his ex-girlfriend has died and his son needs to be signed over to her family. He ends up with the boy for the summer and they bond over robots. The boy finds a junk sparring bot and trains it to be a boxer. The story is heart warming and inspirational.

The story itself is nothing amazing, the effects are fun but not overwhelming. The robots are really cool looking. I really liked how they gave each different robot his own personality, just like in the wrestling/boxing world now. What really pulls this movie along is the acting by Hugh Jackman and the young kid. They really have a chemistry on set that makes you cheer for them and want to see them not only succeed in Robot Fame but also in the family dynamic. I enjoyed the movie and was glad to see it on the big screen if only for the boxing fights.