Netflix Gems: Better Off Ted


better_off_ted_lNow I have this crush on Portia De Rossi, I admit it. I find her fiercely beautiful and talented. So when I saw this show air back during its short 2 season run on network television I fell in love. Not only is she hilarious in the show, the show itself is a hoot. It is hilarious and down right funny.

th (22)I was so sad when the show was cancelled because I had fallen in love with it and more so the characters on the show. The scientists are beyond funny and the dynamic between them is so wonderfully written. The banter between them almost feels like siblings. Ted’s female coworker is a riot and has quirks I’m sure a lot of us would like to do at our own places of work. Ted’s works for a big company that makes just about everything you can think of, including genetically altered veggies. The show has a colorful cast of characters, an ensemble cast where each brings something to the table. The show keeps you laughing and the hyjinks keep you engaged. The show keeps you on your toes.If you still have Netflix this is a tv show you can not miss. It is worth the time for sure.