Throwback Immortals Film Review


24730652-050f-4dab-8fc2-50387184cb24I really wanted to see Immortals because I love mythology. As a kid I read every myth, from every country I could. I am still fascinated by the stories. So naturally when I saw this coming out, I got really excited. I know it is not a story that follows any myth, but I don’t care I just love the stories about the Gods and the way they interact with us.

First off I will say if you loved 300 for the cinematography, you’ll probably like this movie a lot. It follows a lot in suit with the way they did things. There are even a few scenes that were reminiscence of 300. The story line was fun and the characters you either liked or didn’t like. Some redeemed themselves towards the end, others you just waited for there deaths.

I really loved the Gods and how they were designed. I loved the gold bodies, the costumes. I was really impressed with the decisions they went with when it came to making them divine. The only thing I was bothered by is the same thing I’m bothered by in most war/action movies is female makeup. She just got covered in oil/blood/dirt and washes it off and her makeup is still perfectly intact. I understand the movie magic there, but until the end of time that will always bother me in movies.

The movie is very bloody and gory. I was expecting a lot of blood, but I will admit there were times I buried my head or closed my eyes. I am a bit squeamish.. so you may not be phased by it, but if you are taking a girlfriend know there’s a chance you may have to hold her close at a few points. I enjoyed the movie maybe give it a 7/10 for the fact that it was well done for the most part, a little slow at times but lots of action and romance.