Ground Zero Cosplay Expo


image (9)I went to Ground Zero Cosplay Expo today and had a blast. I spent the day with cosplayers and prop builders who were happy to share their abilities and talents with everyone that came up to ask about their items. It was a cute little expo that gave people a more intimate chance to talk to prop builders and costumers.

The room was set up with multiple prop builders and cosplayers. The area outside had multiple artists and a food truck. The food truck had waffles I am really sad that I didn’t get a chance to buy some. I did get red velvet cupcakes that were delicious.

The expo had a raffle which had quite a few prizes to win. I bought some tickets and walked away with 3 really nice pieces of art and a glow in the dark dinosaur magnet. I should have bought more tickets but I forgot to bring cash.

There were a few different panels. I only had the chance to go to a couple of the panels. I went to the Men of Cosplay Panel and Beer Money Props Armor Building Panel. It was a lot of fun listening to them talk about being guys in the community. Being a guy in cosplay can be a difficult thing. image (7)