Nintendo Mall Tour – Culver City Event


image (3)My father lives quite far away so I couldn’t spend Father’s Day with him so I chose to spend it with some of my friends at the Nintendo Tour stop at the Culver City mall. I had a lot of tun. They had 6 different games set up for you to play, games to play to win prizes and a stage where you could compete against other players for a chance at bigger prizes.

There were 6 sets of places to play in. Mario Kart’s station had little racing seats for you to sit in and play. Super Mario 2 had green tube tables and coin seats. The Kirby game had Kirby beanbags. Donkey Kong had barrel tables and banana beanbags. The Yoshi game had egg seats and flower tables. image (6)

The whole gaming area looked so very cool. I can’t wait to see it again when I go to SDCC. It was super inviting and definitely made me super immersed in the Nintendo world. There were 6 places for photo ops and a place for you to meet costumed characters. It was super cute. I missed seeing any of the characters. image (2)

Well I am very glad I got a chance to go down to the tour because I had a lot of fun while there.