Retro Gaming: Bubble Bobble


Bubble Bobble is now available on the wii and on the xbox 360/one which let me tell you makes me happier then I can say. I grew up playing this game as often as I got the chance I loved the game and the time spent at my grandparents house.

FIrst off the game is about Bub and Bob who are two bubble blowing dinosaurs on a mission. The game has 100 levels growing in difficulty as you climb the ladder towards the end boss. The game has tons of different things you have to learn to progress through the game. Bub and Bob blow bubbles to capture monsters that are running around the stages trying to kill you. You then pop the bubbles to gain points and gather the items that they drop. I enjoy sharing the game with friends, being competitive we really get into it, laughing, fighting each other for points. You can blow bubbles against the wall to gain extra points slowly.

Bubble-BobbleIt’s hard to believe this game has been around since the year I was born. It still is challenging to me as an adult and has a lot of replay value towards the later levels. Levels where you have to learn to jump on your bubbles for leverage or use special bubbles that float pass you during levels. Bubbles full of lightning bolts, water, fire and other elements.

Even though the game is my age it still holds a giant place in my heart. I own a copy of this game on every system from the beginning to a copy of the game on my wii. I am constantly introducing friends to it and always looking for more competition or friendly games to play.