Ramblings of a Part Time Druid Week 5


llb6q3pyvlxiq6igv4r9This week I have been collecting the jukebox scrolls. I hadn’t actually done that yet so that’s been my thing to do this week.

I have been doing all the old raids trying to get the scrolls. I got the one from Naxx right away, but did not get the one from Lich King so I will be trying again soon. I did get the 10 tunes achievements so now to work on the next one.

I also have been doing Mount Hyjal, TK and SSC for my tier 6 pieces for my Warlock. It’s my favorite set. I now have my helm, shoulders, gloves, and pants. Still need the robes. Hopefully I will get it next week.

Other then that its been a slow week just been selling off mats getting myself ready for the next expansion. It’s been a good cash week.

I am gonna be super sad when we no longer get cash missions.