Missed Gems: Resident Evil Retribution


th (2)I am a huge fan of this franchise, most likely because I am the a huge fangirl of Milla Jovovich so with today being my first day off I rushed out to see it. I ended up seeing it in 3D, (I am blind in one eye, so I can’t comment on how it looks since I lack the capability to see the technology. You won’t ever see me talking about if 3D is worth it or not.)

First off I am going to say, none of the recent Resident Evil movies have come close to being the beauty that was the first film, but this film in my thoughts held its own. The CGI is blatant in some points, which bothers me when its overtly obvious that the things aren’t real and are just movie magic. I really can’t wait for the days when CGI looks real, or maybe I just hope for movie makers to move back to the old style of using real people in makeup to perform parts. That took away a little bit of the excitement of the film but the more action a film is the more I understand its appeal for movie makers and can forgive them.

The acting was pretty good for it being a video game, action film, I mean we aren’t talking about amazing acting skills but we are talking far more decent then some action films I have seen. The graphics in some parts were subpar, but the Boss monsters were incredible looking and scary as they should be. Nothing was held back in the thinking up of scary stuff and in bringing in things from the video games themselves. I think I love the fact that as the movies have progressed and the games have progressed, they have followed some of the game story line and brought in lots of characters for the gamer fan to enjoy and be excited over.

This film ran more like a video game then any of the others and I think that’s one of the things that really did it for me for this film. It had a lot of parts that seemed like they were taken directly out of gameplay and I really enjoyed that style of filming it made it seem like it was being taken back to its roots and be exactly what some of us gamer fans have been searching for in a video game movie (that wasn’t a low budget piece of junk).

You may not love the direction this film went but the action is good, the cameos from different characters is fun and Milla is as always smoking hot. I know who I am going to be cosplaying shortly.