Rubaisha – the first of the Time Trilogy


514ywlQZH7L._SY346_Rubaisha is a story, of unrealized love.

The novella intertwines between past and present of three main characters, Rubaisha, Arkush and Aliana.

The story begins in present with two friends Angela and Andrew planning to go on vacation to Egypt. Angela’s father is a historian who is trying to prove that women in ancient Egypt (long before the time of Cleopatra) rose to the highest power.

He wanted to discover the historic remains of ‘Queen Rubaisha’ who was ever present in folklores, but not a shred of historic proof was found. Rubaisha seemed to be erased deliberately from history.

When Angela and Andrew reached Egypt, they were welcomed with a murder. As they tried to inquire the truth behind the murder, unexplained things started happening.

Rubaisha’s passion kept her alive even after her death. Time and destiny of these three individuals get interlinked. As the story unfolds, we see murder, curses and tales of untold love.

The story travels to the past. Set in ancient Egypt, we see Rubiasha’s journey from a little princess to the ‘Goddess who Walked – the Living Goddess’. We witness the political power play. We see cover up and double crossing as power shifts from one person to another.

We get to know Rubaisha – a Goddess for her people who harbored a dark desire in her heart. Would it be her fatal flaw? We meet Arkush, the man who was slave to none. Was he a slave to his own heart? Aliana, the princess who unknowingly changed the course of history.

Rubaisha is a story that revolves around love and desire, but, it is not a love story. It is a story of passion, ambition and survival.

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