Missed Gems: Dredd


th (6)I don’t know if you got a chance to see this in the theatres but you should have. It was one of the remakes that I really feel did a great job. I am glad we got Karl Urban as Dredd and am hoping that he gets to reprise the role on a netflix series.
This was one remake I was really looking forward to because the original was more campy and fun then what I would want. This movie was a more gritty realistic version. That made me super happy. It was a great action film and the main character our one and only Judge Dredd played his part so well. I even liked the rookie, she looked the part and her acting was pretty spot on. I was not disappointed in the acting of our main characters at all.

I loved MaMa.. Lena Headey was fantastic as the crazy sadistic controller of the block style gang leader. She was wonderful to watch on screen, you got to see the inside of her head and the way she thought through things. I think she was the best acted character in the film, with Karl Urban as Judge Dredd falling in a close second.

The film is about a time when the world has fallen to a toxic wasteland and justice is given out by the law of Judges. Sometimes on scene or you are taken off to the cubes. This film centers on Judge Dredd taking Judge Anderson a rookie out for her test to become a full fledged Judge. She hasnt done well in the school, but the academy is willing to skip that because she is a psychic.

The two end up in the wrong battle when they go in for a bust on a triple homicide that leaves them trapped in a 200 story building with no where to go and mulitple gangs after them at the order of Ma­Ma.

It has a lot of gore in the style of Kick Ass, Inglorious Bastards, the over the top gore style killings and blood just for the sake of it. The only thing that really buzzed me and dropped my enjoyment of the film was the “Slow mo” drug, they had in my opinion too much time to effects of the drug. The scenes felt like they were filler. My only real complaint over the whole movie.

If you are a lover of the Comic Book, love comic book movies, good fun action films or need something a little different give this one a try. It’s enjoyable and will leave you glad you live in the time and place that you do.