Holidays on Netflix


I ran across this movie while laying down after comic con and decided to watch it because it has a short film by Kevin Smith and Seth Green and his wife act in it.

The first of the eight stories is Valentines Day and is about a girl obsessed with her swim coach. He has a heart condition , they let you know in a quick scene. She then decides to take revenge on the girl who is torturing her by helping him out with his problem by literally giving him a heart.The story is short lived and you don’t really have enough time to be a story. It feels quickly thrown together.

The second story is St. Patricks Day. The story is about a teacher who gets cursed with a snake voodoo and becomes pregnant with a snake baby. It’s strange and doesn’t really explain why the little girl vexes her. It feels like a weird youtube story rather then a horror story.

The next story is Easter. The story is about a little girl meeting the easter bunny. The easter bunny is a creepy bunny monster man. Its a weird and different take on the easter bunny.

Next is the story of Mother’s Day.  It’s about a woman that can’t be intimate with a man without getting pregnant. She goes to a weekend getaway to try to stop her curse. Things do not go as planned for her.

Next up was Fathers Day  A girl receives a tape from her dead father with a scavenger hunt attached to it.

Then we have Halloween. Three cam girls get upset at their pimp and decide to take revenge on him. One of the selling points of this story is that it was directed by Kevin Smith and has his daughter in it. It slightly reminds me of Hard Candy.

After that is Christmas. Seth Green steals a VR game from and experience a man who is dying in the streets and has a really bad night.

Lastly is New Years Eve.  A serial killer gets more then he bargains for on a new years date.

Each of the stories could be a short tv show, but they dont really mesh well as a movie. There is no connection between them. The movie is set up is almost like a short story book. There is no flow to the movie, its just 8 stories cut and pasted together. Overall its about the quality of B rated films. It could be better. It’s not the greatest but if you enjoy simple horror stuff from the 90’s this is kinda that world.

The thing all of these stories could really have used was more time to develop the stories. Each was interesting in their own way and had they been given the proper amount of time they could have been really enjoyable.