Yogurtland and Mario Team Up


Yogurtland is one of my favorite places to eat. I love frozen yogurt. I love when they team up with different brands. They have worked with Sanrio, Candy crush, warner bros and now my most favorite Nintendo. I really love Yoshi and Bowser and so I just wanted to get all the yogurt and the spoons.

There is so many great flavors to go with the nintendo characters and the spoons are super cute.yogurtland-1

Goomba’s Iced Coffee

Princess Peach Tart

Donkey Kong Banana Cream

Shy Guy Pineapple Lime Coconut Sorbet

Mario’s Chocolate Gelato

Yoshi’s Honey Dew

Bowsers Dragon Berry Tart

Toad’s Rocky Road

Luigi’s White Chocolate Pistachio

Koopa Troopa Lemon Cupcake

You can get adorable little matching spoons to the characters. I use them at home long after the promotion is over.